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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) PR36-3A - 108W Regulated DC Power Supply

Category : Power Supplies

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Kenwood TMI / Texio PR36-3A: The PR-A Series of series-regulated CV/CC power supplied were designed to provide a compact power supply package with high performance and ensure excellent reliability as well as excellent design. Seven types are available for a variety of requirements three 18 V types two 36 V types one 70 V type and one 250 V type. Whether used individually or connected in series or parallel for greater capacity the PR-A Series ensures excellent performance. These power supplies are housed in a compact rack-mount package and can be used on the bench top as well. 

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • Low Ripple, Low Noise.
  • Series Operation, Parallel Operation
  • CV/CC LED indicators
  • Floating Output Method
  • PR-A Series Parallel-Connected Operation
  • Applications: R&D. / System incorporation. / Production lines. / School and education. / Protection technology. / Aging.

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