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Fluke Connect Mobile Application, Secure Cloud Storage and Powerful Test Tool Ressource

SEE IT. SAVE IT. SHARE IT. All the facts, right in the field.

Fluke Connect™ is the best way to stay in contact with your team without leaving the field. See the tools that save you time and increase your productivity.

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Connect, Measure, Share

Fluke ConnectTM offers you a powerfull and secure platform to collaborate your data with your network. Once your test tools are setup, use your Fluke ConnectTM application to connect. Take the necessary measurements and Share your results with your network with a ShareLive Call or by making these results available in your secure cloud platform.

Let's look at some of these features a little closer.

  • ShareLiveTM Video Call

    Sharing live feeds is a feature that will save you time, money and increase your troubleshooting power. Fluke connectTM enables you to connect to anyone in your network that has the Fluke ConnectTM installed on their mobile device and share your measurements in real time while comunicating. 

  • EquipementLogTM is the link between you, your network and all your connected instruments

    The EquipementLogTM feature allows you to add instruments to your records, connect to your instruments (up to 11 at the same time) to take and record measurements, share equipment health and more. This feature is the heart of all the measurements you will be taking.

  • Share Your Data From Anywhere Securely! 

    With Fluke ConnectTM you can connect securely to your remote test tools, take measurements and share your results with your entire network without even leaving the comfort of your office. Fluke ConnectTM uses a cloud service provider that uses state-of-the art electronic surveillance, multi-factor access controls and 24/7 data center staffing. This security offers you peace for you and your company while sharing measurements, records, and live streams.  


Already 20 Industry Leading Test Tools and counting

Fluke has launched Fluke Connect with 20 test tools and will steadily convert other products within its catalog. Once more, If there is a specific tool or measurement application you use that would benefit from having a wireless readout to smart phone, please email Fluke at


Fluke Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200 Infrared Cameras

  Uptime of downtime, your results matter. Use the only infrared cameras that capture consistently in-focus images in an instant-every, single time with LaserSharp® Auto Focus. Then communicate your infrared insights with the most trusted tools in the world with the Fluke ConnectTMmobile app.  Ti400 | Ti300 | Ti200


Fluke Ti125, Ti110, Ti105 and Ti100 Infrared Cameras

  Save time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly failures with these rugged, reliable troubleshooting cameras. Take advantage of the benefits of the Fluke ConnectTM app and share inspection results instrantly. It's as simple as adding a compatible SD card. (SD card is included with some models but also sold serarately.) Ti125 | Ti110 | Ti105 | Ti100


Fluke 3000 FC Digital Multimeter

  Get started with tomorow's test tool system today with the Fluke 3000 FC Digital Multimeter. Communicate instantly with your team, no matter where they are, with the new Fluke ConnectTM app on your smart phone. Share live measurements and monitor readings from safe distances and get your job done easier and faster than ever before. 3000


Fluke 289 and 287 Digital Multimeters

  These high performing industrial logging multimeters are designed to solve complex problems faster in many applications. Log data and review it graphically on-screen to help minimize downtime. Communicate wirelessly with your smart phone directly from the field with the Fluke ConnectTM app and get quick answers or next step authorizations faster than ever before. It's as simple as adding a Fluke ir3000 FC Connector (connector sold separately) 289 | 287 


Fluke v3000 FC Wireless True-RMS AC Voltage Module

Wirelessly relay AC voltage measurements to the Fluke ConnectTM enabled 3000 FC Multimeter and the Fluke ConnectTM app with this full functional true-RMS voltage meter.  v3000


Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module

Wireless relay DC voltage measurements to the Fluke ConnectTM enabled 3000 FC Multimeter and the Fluke ConnectTM app with this fully functional DC voltage meter. v3001


Fluke 789 ProcessMeterTM

  Dramatically increase your capabilities by communicating wirelessly to your smart phone with the Fluke ConnectTM app. Get qurestions answered and authorization for next steps instantly  without having  to leave the inspection site with ShareLiveTM video call (connector sold separately) 789


Fluke a3000 FC Wireless AC current Clamp Module

This fully functional true-RMS current clamp meter wirelessly relays measurements to the Fluke 3000 FC Multimeter and the Fluke ConnectTM app. This module can also be used as a standalone meter. a3000 


Fluke a3001 FC Wireless iFlex® AC Current Module

Measure around awkward-sized conductors or get into tight spaces to make wire accress easier. Wirelessly relay measurements to the Fluke 3000 FC Multimeter and the Fluke ConnectTM app. It can also be used as a standalone meter. a3001


Fluke a3002 FC Wireless AC/DC Current Module

  The a3002 AC/DC Current Module wirelessly relays measurements from the i410 or i1010 current clamps (sold separately) to the Fluke 3000 FC Multimeter and the Fluke ConnectTM app. a3002


COMMING SOON: Fluke 805 Vibration Tester

Make maintenance decisions with confidence. Get the most reliable vibration screenings with the Fluke 805 Vibration Tester. Then get next step authorizations instantly by communicating your test results wirelessly to your team with your smart phone and the Fluke ConnectTM mobile app.  805


Fluke t3000 FC Wireless K-Type Temperature Module

  Wireless relay measurements from this versatile K-Type thermocouple thermometer to Fluke ConnectTMenabled FC Multimeter and the Fluke ConnectTM app. t3000 


Fluke 1550c/1555 Insulation Resistance Testers

Evaluate the trends and eliminate the doubt. These insulations testers test up to 10Kv and conduct the entire range of test voltages specified in IEEE 43-2000. Now, with the Fluke ConnectTM app. they are also an anomalies for troubleshooting, commissioning and preventative maintenance of insulation resistance - just add the Fluke ir3000 FC Connector and you're ready to go (connector sold separately). 1550c | 1555


Fluke ir3000 Connector

  Connect your Fluke test tool with the ir3000 FC Connector and get all the benefits of the Fluke ConnectTM app. Be on the same page, even while in different places. Wirelessly share measurements with your team - anywhere, anytime with the Fluke ConnectTM app. (Select the ir3000 FC 1550 to enable the 1550 and 1555) ir3000


Fluke ConnectTM Wireless SD Card

Wirelessly enable your Fluke Ti100 series infrared camera with the Fluke Connect wireless SD card. Instantly upload, share and analyze data with anyone on your team. (The Fluke Connect SD Card is not included with all models but can be purchased separately. Comatible with the following models: Ti100, Ti105, Ti110, Ti125, TiR105, TiR110 and TiR125 SD Card