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GW Instek 2017 Tripple Product Introduction

To kick off the new year, GW Instek as introduced 3 new products.

The first is a Precision Current Shunt which is an upgrade from its predecessor. The PSC-1000I offers 6 1/2 digit voltage and current resolution, simultaneous current and voltage measurement, standard USB & GPIB interface and much more. You can find more information in the following news release:

GW Instek rolls out the new PCS-1000I isolated output high precision current shunt meter.


The second is a 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer that comes loaded with unique features such as auto wake-up, sequence function and limit line testing. This unit is a stable, light and all-purpose test equipment that is available at a great starting price of $2,969 (USD). For more information on this new spectrum analyzer, check out the news release:

GW Instek launches the new GSP-9300B, 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer


The last unit to be rolled out is a Programmable Single-Channel Electronic Load. Based on the PEL-3000E Series, this unit has a sink capability of 300W (2.5 ~ 500V / 15A), easy-to-read LCD panel, user-friendly interface and high-speed/accurate measurement capability. To find out more about this product, read up on the news release below:

GW Instek launches the all new PEL-3032E Programmable Single-Channel Electronic Load