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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) CS-8010 - Combo Analogue Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Combo Analogue Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

Category : Oscilloscopes

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The CS-8010 makes easy work of the task of observing one-time and transient events and slow repeated phenomena which result in reduced intensity - a feat difficult to achieve with conventional oscilloscopes. The high-performing difital storage scope from Kenwood provides reliable capture and observation of a myriad of vital data - all made in a scope of this class. You can use the CS-8010 as a real-time 20MHz scope as well, making it a powerful workhorse for a diverse range of applications.

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • 10 MS a/s waveform observation up to an effective frequency of 400KHz.
  • A storage function enables the easy observation of one-time events and transients that exhibit instantaneous changes.
  • Two input channels are serviced by  A/D converters with 8 bit resolution and 2048 word-deep memories.
  • Pretriggering enables observation of the part of a waveform occurring before the trigger point
  • Screen readout is provided of such vital data as vertical axis sensitivity and sweep time settings.
  • Cursor functions are available for reading of measured voltage, time, frequency and phase differences from the CRT screen.
  • High-intensity CRT (12kV accelerating potential).
  • 1mV/division (DC to 5MHz) maximum vertical axis sensitivity
  • Pen-recorder output of stored data

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