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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) FC-757A - Kenwood Universal Counter 5Hz – MHz

Kenwood  Universal Counter 5Hz – MHz

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Category : Frequency Counters

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The FC-757A is a universal counter mounting measurement functions of frequency, period, period average, time interval, frequency ratio and addition accumlation. As a display, it employs an 8-digit LED. Its display resolution is 1 Hz in MHz range measurement and 0.1 Hz in kHz range measurement. For period measurement, the period required for 1 cycle can be measured between 5 Hz and 2 MHz (with a unit of ìsec. or msec.). For lower frequencies, period measurement is obtained at a higher degree of accuracy than that of frequency measurement. The frequency ratio measurement is effective in comparing two frequencies (as comparison between clock pulses on the digital circuits) and to obtain the ratio between them. Addition measurements are also possible for counting the number of phenomena occured. A gate controll is also possible for the manual or external control of the counting operation to a higher degree of precision. In the display area, red LEDs are adopted to indicate various information with an automatic decimal position setting, zero blanking, measurement unit, over flow, and gate status since a high-stability 10 MHz crystal oscillator is employed, the FC-758A assures an extraordinary stability against temperature change or fluctuation of power source, etc.

Variety of Measurement Items
Not only for frequency and period, the time inter val or frequency ratio between two signals are also measured as well as an addition counter and other measurement functions.

Low-Pass Filter Provided
A low-pass filter having the attenuation characteristics of -3 dB at 10 kHz is provided for to reduce an RF noise. It assures minimized mis-counting. (CH-A only)

Attenuator Provided
A -20 dB attenuator is provided to reduce the mis-counting which could occur due to an excessive input. (CH-A only)

Data Hold Function
This function hold display values by temporarily interrupting the measurement.

Addition Counting Function
Not only a manual operation using the front panel controls available, but to start and stop control from external signal is also enabled.

4-Step Gate Time Setting and Automatic Decimal Position Select
Since the gate time and the decimal point of the measured values are interlocked, the measurement is made possible with the most appropriate resolution.

Zero Blanking
Zeroes 0 at the digits above the display of the effective values will not be displayed.

Over Flow Indicator
LED lights when the measurement value exceeds the displayed digits to prevent mis-counting.

Combination Tilt Stand/Carrying Handle
The carrying handle can be used as a tilt stand as it is for mounting the FC-757A with the best-viewing angle.

External Reference Frequency Input Terminal Provided
When more accurate measurement is required, a higher precision reference frequency generated by external equipment can be input for the improvement of reference time accuracy



Quality Discontinued Clearance Product


Frequency Measurement (ch A)
Measurement Range/Unit kHz mode : 5 Hz -- 10 MHz/kHz
MHz mode : 5 Hz -- 175 MHz/kHz
Accuracy ± Reference time accuracy ± 1 count
Gate Time 0.01 s‚ 0.1 s‚ 1 s‚ 10 s
Period Measurement (A)
Measurement Range 0.5µs - 200ms (5Hz - 2MHz)
Accuracy ± 1 count ± reference time accuracy
± trigger error
Resolution 100 ps -- 100 ns
Unit ms‚ µs
Minimum Pulse Width 250 ns
Magnification × 1‚ × 10‚ × 100‚ × 1000
Frequency Ratio Measurement (ch A/ch B)
Measurement Range ch A : 5 Hz - 10 MHz
ch B : 5Hz - 2 MHz
Denominatir Measurement × 1‚ × 10‚ × 100‚ × 1000
Accuracy ± {Freq B/(Freq A × N)}± trigger error
Time Interval Measurement (chA to ch B)
Measurement Range 0.5 µs -- 200 ms (5 Hz -- 2 MHz)
Resolution 100 ps -- 100 ns
Accuracy ± 1 count ± reference time accuracy
± trigger error ± N
Minimum Pulse Width 250 ns
Unit ms‚ µs
Magnification × 1‚ × 10‚ × 100‚ × 1000
Single Phenomenon Standby mode by resetting
Addition Counter Measurement (A)
Counting Capacity 0 - 99‚999‚999
Measurement Range 5 Hz - 10 MHz
Control Reset/Hold possible from front panel. Always ON except when Start/Stop on the rear panel is set to LOW level
Input Characteristics (ch A)
Frequency Bandwidth 5 Hz - 175 MHz‚ AC coupling
Sensitivity (Sine Wave) kHz Freq. : 20 mVrms (5 Hz - 10 MHz)
MHz Freq. : 50 mVrms (5 MHz -- 125 MHz)
100 mVrms (125 MHz -- 150 MHz)
150 mVrms (150 MHz -- 175 MHz)
Input Impedance 1 MΩ‚ 40 pF or lessMax. Input Voltage 42 V (DC AC peak)
Attenuator × 1 (1/1)‚ × 10 (1/10)
Low-Pass Filter 10 kHz‚ -3 dB
Slope/Trigger Level Preset or variable‚ approx. ± 1 V
Input Characteristics (ch B)
Frequency Bandwidth 5Hz -- 2 MHz‚ AC coupling
Sensitivity (Sine Wave) 30 mVrms
Input Impedance 1.2 MΩ‚ 40 pF or less
Max. Input Voltage 42 V (DC AC peak)
Attenuator × 1 (1/1)‚ × 10 (1/10)
Slope selectable
Reference Oscillator
Oscillating Frequency (ch A‚ B) 10 MHz‚ 1× 10-6 / 23 ± 5°C
Stability (ch A‚ B) 1 × 10-6 / 0 to 40°C (23°C as a reference)
1 × 10-6 / year
Reference Frequency Input
Frequency 10 MHz
Max. Input /Coupling 1.77 Vrms or less / AC coupling
Input Impedance 540Ω
Display 8 digits‚ LED (7-segment)‚ kHz/µs‚ MHz/ms‚ GATE‚ OVER FLOW
Function Display FREQ ‚ PER‚ RATIO‚ TI(A to B)‚ TOTAL‚ CHECK
Gate Time CH A: 0.01 s‚ 0.1 s‚ 1.0 s‚ 10 s
CH B: 1‚ 10‚ 100‚ 1000
Self Check
Display Counting time base (10MHz)
Counting Time/Resolution 0.01 s‚ 0.1 s‚ 10s / 0.1 Hz - 100 Hz
Environmental Condition
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20°C to 60°C‚ 70% or less
Operate Temperature/Humidity 0°C to 40°C‚ 80% or less
Specification Guarantee Temperature/Humidity 23°C ± 5°C‚ 70% or less
Power Requirements/Power Consumption AC 100/120/220/230 V‚ ± 10%
50/60 Hz / Approx. 20 VA
Dimensions (W × H × D) 240 × 64 × 190 mm
(260 × 70 × 210 mm‚ maximum dimensions)
Weight 1.8 kg
Supplied Accessories Instruction Manual (1)
Power Cable (1)
Applicable Standard
EMI EN55011 (1991) Class B
EMS IEC801-2 (1991) 8kVAD‚ IEC801-3 (1984) 3 V/m‚ IEC801-4 (1998) 1 kV‚ 5/50 µs‚ 5 kHz

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Kenwood  Universal Counter 5Hz – MHz

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