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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) FL-140 - Kenwood Wow Flutter Meter

Kenwood  Wow Flutter Meter

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Category : Audio / Video Equipment

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The FL-140 is a wow/flutter meter capable of measuring wow and flutter on a wide variety of recording and playback equipment such as cassette decks tape recorders VCRs and analog disk turntables. It is capable of easy measurements of wow and flutter in the range 0.003% to 3% without the need to adjust the input level and input frequency but simply by checking them on a monitor lamp. In addition shift in rotational speed can be simultaneously measured using a built-in drift meter. The meter indication can be selected to conform to CCIR DIN or JIS standards. In addition an output is provided for use in wow and flutter components analysis.

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  • 0.03% Full-Scale to 3% Full-Scale Measurements
    -The capability to measure wow & flutter in the range from 0.003% to 3% enables the FL-140 to measure not only abnormal rpm variations in cassette decks and headphone stereo sets, but measure wow variations in extremely low-level signals as well.
  • Selectable Meter Indication Method (rms/peak value)
    -The meter indication method can be selected as peak value (CCIR/DIN standards) or rms value (JIS standards), enabling direct reading for these standards.
  • 3kHz/3.15kHz Measurement Center Frequency
    -In addition to the 3kHz measurement center frequency conforming to CCIR/JIS standards, measurement is also possible at a center frequency of 3.15kHz, enabling measurements conforming to DIN standards.
  • Built-in Weighted Filter for Audition Compensation
    -In addition to wow and flutter measurements with weighted characteristics (CCIR/DIN/JIS standards) and unweighted characteristics, the FL-140 can measure wow and flutter separately.
  • 3kHz/3.15kHz Reference Signal Output
    -Highly stable crystal oscillator circuitry is built in to output 3kHz and 3.5kHz frequencies for use as the tape recording reference signal. This is convenient for record/reproduce testing.
  • Monitor Lamp for Checking Operation
    -An operational monitoring lamp eliminates the need of input voltage and input frequency settings.
  • Monitor Outputs
    -Oscilloscope and pen recorder outputs are provided for use in external monitoring of wow and flutter.


Wow/Flutter meter section
Measurement center frequency 3kHz ±300Hz (CCIR/JIS standards)
3.15kHz ±300Hz (DIN standard)
Input level range 3mV to 30V
Input impedance Approx. 300kΩ (unbalanced)
Wow/flutter measurement range 0.03 to 3% full scale‚ 5ranges
Indication method RMS (JIS)
Peak value (CCIR/DIN)
Indication accuracy ±5% of full scale
Frequency characteristics  
  Weighted characteristics In accordance with standards of CCIR/DIN/JIS (0.2 to 200Hz)
  WOW characteristics 0.5 to 6Hz (-3dB±1dB) (JIS)
0.3 to 6Hz (-3dB±1dB) (CCIR/DIN)
  Flutter characteristics 6 to 200Hz (-3dB±1dB)
  Unweighted characteristics 0.5 to 200Hz (-3dB±1dB) (JIS)
0.3 to 200Hz (-3dB±1dB) (CCIR/DIN)
  Rolloff Below 0.5Hz: -6dB/OCT min. (JIS)
Above 200Hz: -15dB/OCT min. (JIS)
Below 0.3Hz: -6dB/OCT min.
Above 200Hz: -15dB/OCT min.
Maximum input voltage 100V (DC ACpeak)
Input monitor Level monitor lamp change from red to green at an input of 3mV.
Drift meter section
Indication accuracy ±5% of full scale
Drift measurement range ±5%
Recording-signal output
  Signal frequencies 3kHz and 3.15kHz
  Accuracy ±5×10-5
  Output voltage Approx. 0.2Vrms (open circuit)
  Output impedance Approx. 600Ω (unbalanced)
  Distortion 1.0% max. (with 600Ω termination)
Oscilloscope output (TO SCOPE)
  Output voltage Approx. 1Vrms at full scale
  Output impedance Approx. 600Ω (unbalanced)
Recorder output (RECORDER)
  Output voltage Approx. 1V DC at full scale
  Output impedance Approx. 600Ω (unbalanced)
Power source 100/120/220V AC ±10%‚ 216 to 250V AC‚ 50/60Hz‚ Approx. 8W
Case dimensions 212 (W)×133 (H)×272 (D) mm
Maximum dimensions 212 (W)×156 (H)×312 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 3.8kg
Accessories Instruction manual (1)
Accessory cable (CA-36) (1)
Power cord (1)

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Kenwood  Wow Flutter Meter

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