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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) PAC30-3R - 90W Laboratory Power Supply

90W Laboratory Power Supply

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Output Voltage: 0 to 30 V
Output Current: 0 to 3 A

Constant Voltage Characteristics:
Input Regulation (For AC ± 10% fluctuation): 5mV
Load Regulation (For 0 to 100% fluctuation): 5mV
Ripple/Noise (10Hz to 1MHz): 0.5mVrms
Ripple Peak (10Hz to 20MHz): 3mV p-p
Transient Response (Standard value (current 5% to 100%)): 50µs Typical
Temperature Coefficient (Standard value): 100ppm/°C Typical 

Constant Current Characteristics:
Input Regulation For AC ± 10% fluctuation: 2mA
Load Regulation For 0 to 100% fluctuation: 10mA
Ripple and Noise (10Hz to 1MHz): 2mArms
Temperature Coefficient Standard Value: 250ppm/°C Typical

Digital Meter Indication:
Voltmeter Indication (Red 3-digit LED): Max. 99.9V, fixed range
- Accuracy (Output ON): ±(0.2% rdg + 2 digits)
Ammeter Indication (Red 3-digit LED): Max. 99.9A, fixed range
- Accuracy (Output ON): ±(1.0% rdg + 3 digits)

Operating Conditions (indoor use only):
Cooling Method: Natural air cooling
Output Polarity: + (red), -(white), GND (black), ± grounding possible
Ground Proof Voltage: ±200V

Power Requirements/Others:
Input Power (Voltage fluctuation, within ±10%): AC 100V/120V/220V/230V, selectable
Input Power Consumption: Approx. 165W/235VA
Dimensions Width X height X depth (mm): 134 X 147 X 332
Max. Dimensions Width X height X depth (mm): 138 X 162 X 345
Weight: 6.6kg
- Instruction manual (1)
- Power cable (1)

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product

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90W Laboratory Power Supply

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