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Fluke I800 - AC Current Clamp Probe

AC Current Clamp Probe


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The model i800 is a clamp-on AC current probe designed to extend the current measuring capability of a digital multimeter to 800 amperes AC. The clamp is compatible with a DMM that accepts 4mm shrouded banana plugs and has an AC milliamp range.


  • Measures AC current from 100mA to 800 A rms
  • 30 Hz to 10 kHz frequency range
  • CAT III 600 V rating
  • Accepts up to 54 mm (2.1 in) diameter conductor size
  • 1000:1 conversion factor for easy calculation
  • Rugged positive action design


Nominal current range 800 A rms
Continuous current range 100 mA to 800 A rms
Maximum non-destructive current 1500 A rms (50/60 Hz)
Lowest measureable current 100 mA
Basic accuracy ±1% of reading
Useable frequency 30 Hz - 10 kHz (-3dB)
Output level(s) 1 mA / A
Safety Specifications
Safety CAT III 600 V
Maximum voltage 600 V ac rms or dc
Mechanical and General Specifications
Warranty 1 year
Maximum conductor diameter 54 mm (2.13 inches)
Output cable length 1.6 m (63 inches)
Lead connector Shrouded banana plugs

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AC Current Clamp Probe

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