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GW Instek GDS-1152A - 150MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

150MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

GW Instek

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Category : Digital Oscilloscopes

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Instek GDS-1152A: The GDS-1000A series provide a unique solution. Operating at 60, 100 or 150 MHz with a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/s, the GDS-1000A employs MemoryPrime technology. Using MemoryPrime technology, the GDS-1000A is able to overcome the problems associated with memory constraints. Unlike traditional DSOs, high sample rates can be maintained over longer periods of time, without effecting performance. Coupled with the high resolution, 5.6” color TFT display, SD memory card support, user-friendly interface and USB remote control make the GDS-1000A series compellingly feature-rich. Furthermore, the GDS-1000A series provide a lifetime warranty program!

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • 150MHz Bandwidths
  • 1 GSa/s Real-Time Sample Rates Maximum, 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time
  • 2Mega Point Record Length
  • 2mV~10V Vertical Scale
  • 1ns~50s Horizontal Range
  • Up to 27 Automatic Measurements
  • Versatile Math Functions + , -, x, FFT, FFTrms
  • 5.6 TFT LCD Display
  • USB Interface & SD Card Supported
  • Multi-Language Support on Operation Menu & On-Screen Help


Channels 2
Bandwidth DC~150MHz(-3dB)
Rise Time <2.3ns Approx.
Sensitivity 2mV/div ~ 10V/div (1-2-5 increments)
Accuracy ±(3% x |Readout| + 0.1 div + 1mV)
Input Coupling AC, DC & Ground
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2%, ~15pF
Polarity Normal & Invert
Maximum Input 300V (DC+AC peak), CATII
Waveform Signal Process + , - , x, FFT, FFTrms
Offset Range
2mV/div ~ 50mV/div: ±0.4V 
100mV/div ~ 500mV/div: ±4V 
1V/div ~ 5V/div: ±40V 
10V/div: ±300V
Bandwidth Limit 20MHz (-3dB)


Sources CH1 , CH2 , Line , EXT
Modes Auto, Normal, Single, TV, Edge, Pulse Width
Coupling AC , DC , LF rej. , HF rej. , Noise rej.
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz: Approx. 0.5div or 5mV; 
25MHz ~ 150MHz: Approx. 1.5div or 15mV

Ext. Trigger

Range ±15V
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz : ~ 50mV ; 25M ~ 150MHz : ~100mV
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2% , ~ 15pF
Maximum Input 300V (DC AC peak) , CATII


Range 1ns/div ~ 50s/div (1-2.5-5 increments); ROLL : 250ms/div ~ 50s/div
Modes Main, Window, Window Zoom, Roll, X-Y
Accuracy ±0.01%
Pre-Trigger 10 div maximum
Post-Trigger 1000 div

X-Y Mode

X-Axis Input Channel 1
Y-Axis Input Channel 2
Phase Shift ±3°at 100kHz

Signal Acquisition

Real-Time Sample Rate 1GSa/s maximum
Equivalent Sample Rate 25GSa/s maximum
Vertical Resolution 8 Bits
  2 Mega Points maximum
Acquisition Mode Normal, Peak Detect, Average
Peak Detection 10ns (500ns/div ~ 10s/div)
Average 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 , 128 , 256

Cursors & Measurement

Voltage Measurement Vpp ,Vamp ,Vavg ,Vrms ,Vhi ,Vlo ,Vmax ,Vmin ,Rise Preshoot/Overshoot ,Fall Preshoot/Overshoot
Time Measurement Freq ,Period ,Rise Time ,Fall Time ,Positive Width ,Negative Width ,Duty Cycle
Cursors Measurement Voltage difference between cursors (V) 
Time difference between cursors (T)
Auto Counter
Resolution : 6 digits
Accuracy: 2%
Signal Source: All available trigger source except the Video trigger mode

Adjustable Probe Compensation Signal

Frequency Range 1kHz ~ 100kHz, 1kHz/STEP
Duty Cycle Range 5% ~ 95%, 5%/STEP

Control Panel Function

Autoset Adjust Vertical VOLT/DIV, Horizontal TIME/DIV, and Trigger level automatically
Save Setup Up to 15 sets of measurement conditions
Save Waveform 15 sets of waveform


TFT LCD Type 5.6 inch
Display Resolution 234(Vertically) x 320(Horizontally) Dots
Display Graticule 8 x 10 divisions
Display Brightness Adjustable


USB Slave Connector USB1.1 & 2.0 full speed compatible 
(printers and flash disk not supported)
SD Card Slot Image (BMP), waveform data (CSV), and setup (SET)

Power Source

Line Voltage Range AC 100V ~ 240V , 48Hz ~ 63Hz , Auto selection


Multi-Language Menu Available
Onscreen Help Available

Dimensions & Weight

  310(W) x 142 (H) x 140(D)mm, Approx. 2.5kg

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150MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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