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Fluke XLENS/MACRO1 - Macro 1 Infrared Lens

Macro 1 Infrared Lens


Category : Accessories

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Close up macro lens (0.2x) for inspection and analysis in research and development applications – compatible with TiX1000, TiX660 and TiX640 models.

Applications: Research and development, extremely small targets, PCB boards (heat dissipation), semiconductor substrates, and seals.

Fluke XLENS/MACRO1 - Macro 1 Infrared Lens
General Characteristics
Lens description Close-up 0.2x
Focal distance 30 mm
Focus 137.4 mm
1024 x 768
iFOV (°) 85.5 x 63.2 mRad
Resolution 81 µm
640 x 480
iFOV (°) 78.1 x 57.9 mRad
Resolution 119 µm

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