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GW Instek PEL-5005G-1200-200 - High Power DC Electronic Load (1200V, 200A, 5kW)

High Power DC Electronic Load (1200V, 200A, 5kW)

GW Instek

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GW Instek PEL-5000G series single-channel electronic load provides 150V/ 600V/ 1200V models with a power range of 4kW~6kW. PEL-5000G has a total of 9 models featuring different combinations of power, voltage, and current. It can test and verify the specifications of batteries, electric vehicle chargers/charging stations and electric vehicle batteries. PEL-5000G supports parallel connection for same voltage specification and different power models. PEL-5000G can support up to 8 units connected in parallel to provide a maximum power of 48kW.


For the scenario of Battery Charger testing, PEL-5000G specifically provides four battery discharge modes, namely CV+Current Limit test mode, CV+Power Limit test mode,  CC mode and CP mode. Users can choose a suitable test mode according to the test requirements.


For Battery Discharge Function, users can set the discharge cut-off voltage, discharge time, or discharge capacity (Ah) in CC or CP mode to meet the battery testing requirements.


In order to meet the verification requirements of different DUTs, PEL-5000G provides a variety of test functions, Surge current test mode, automated OCP, OPP test functions and 150 sets of parameter storage function. The 1200V model of PEL-5000G not only provides full power output at 1000V, but also provides 60% power output at 1200V output, which is higher than the 50% power output of other manufacturers of similar electronic loads.


High-voltage batteries or chargers directly connected to the electronic load may cause damage to the electronic load. PEL-5000G has a built-in slow starter, which not only protects the DC load, but also saves the user's installation cost and setting time for measurement on 600V/1200V models.


The communication interfaces supported by PEL-5000G include GPIB, RS232, USB, and LAN. The power, voltage and current of each model are shown in the following table:


Power / Voltage

























  • 5 digital V / A / W Meter can be displayed on Large LCD display simultaneously
  • Flexible CC, CR, CV, CP, CV + CL, CV + PL, Dynamic and short circuit operation modes
  • Not only CC, CR, and CP mode have parallel operation functions, but CV mode also has parallel operation functions
  • Surge Test mode for Capacitive load for current rising transient test
  • Voltage meter display can be configured as polarity positive (“+”) or negative (“-”)
  • Master-slave control is up to 1 Master and 7 Slaves
  • Optional Interface: GPIB, RS232, USB, LAN
  • SEQ Load Mode's programmable function allows for ultra-high-speed step changes from 0.02 to 999000 ms in CC or CP mode
  • Provide battery BMS protection test function
  • Optional 9923 load current waveform generator to provide the battery actual discharge current waveform simulation
  • Built-in test modes include Battery Discharge, BMS, Short circuit, OCP, OPP test modes
  • Turbo mode can withstand up to 1.5 times the current and power electronic load within 2 sec. period, most fit BMS, Short circuit, OCP, OPP test
  • Protection against V, I, W, and ℃


Normal Mode

Power*10 ~ 5kW
Current0 ~ 200A
Voltage0 ~ 1200V
Min. Operating Voltage15V@200A
Over Power Protection(OPP)105%
Over Current Protection(OCP)104%
Over Voltage Protection(OVP)105%
Over Temp Protection(OTP)90°C±5°C
Constant Current Mode
Range*20 ~ 20A
Accuracy*3± 0.05% of (Setting + Range)
Constant Resistance Mode
Range360kΩ ~ 6Ω
Resolution2.8 μS
Accuracy± 0.1%(Vin / Setting)±0.1% IF.S.
Constant Voltage Mode
Range0 ~ 1200V
Accuracy± 0.05% of (Setting + Range)
Constant Power Mode
Accuracy± 0.2% of (Setting + Range)
Constant Voltage Mode + Current Limit Mode
Accuracy*4± 0.05% of (Setting + Range)
Constant Voltage Mode + Power Limit Mode
Accuracy*4± 0.05% of (Setting + Range)
Short / OCP / OPP Test Function
Max. Current200A
Max. Power5000W
Test Accuracy*6± 1.0% of (Reading + Range)
Short Time100 ~ 10000ms
Setting. Accuracy±5ms
Short V HiSetting range : 0.25V - 1200.0V / Resolution : 0.02V
Short V LoSetting range : 0.000V - 1200.0V / Resolution : 0.02V
OCP Time (Tstep)100ms
OCP ISTAR / ISTEP / ISTOPSetting range : 0.00A - 200.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
OCP VTHSetting range : 0.00V - 1200.00V / Resolution : 0.02V
OPP Time (Tstep)100ms
OPP PSTAR / PSTEP / PSTOPSetting range : 0.00W - 5000.0W / Resolution : 80.0mW
OPP VTHSetting range : 0.00V - 1200.00V / Resolution : 0.02V
BMS Test Mode*7
Max. Current200A
Meas. Accuracy*6±3.0% of ( Reading + Range )
Short Test Time0.05ms~10ms / Resolution : 0.01ms
Meas. Accuracy±0.02ms
Setting Accuracy±0.05ms
Short ITHSetting range : 0.09A - 100.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
OCP ISTARSetting range : 0.32A - 200.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
OCP TSTEP0.05 ~ 10ms
11 ~ 1000ms
Meas. Accuracy±0.1ms / ±0.5ms
OCP ISTEPSetting range : 0.00A - 200.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
OCP ISTOPSetting range : 0.32A - 200.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
OCP ITHSetting range : 0.09A - 100.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
Surge Test Mode
Surge Current0 ~ 300A
Normal Current0 ~ 150A
Surge Time10 ~ 2000ms
Surge Step1~ 5
Batt Test Mode
Mode CCSetting range : 0.00A -200.00A / Resolution : 3.2mA
Mode CPSetting range : 0.00W - 5000.0W / Resolution : 80.0mW
STOP Voltage(UVP)Setting range : 0.00V - 1200.00V / Resolution : 0.02V
STOP TIMESetting range : OFF 1 - 99999s / Resolution : 1s
STOP CAP.AHSetting range : OFF 0.1 - 19999AH / Resolution : 0.1AH
STOP CAP.WHSetting range : OFF 0.1 - 19999WH / Resolution : 0.1WH
SEQ Load Mode (remode only)
Load ModeCC / CP
Setting STEP2 ~ 16
Timing20 ~ 1000 μs / 2~ 65535ms / 66 ~ 999sec
Resolution10 μs / 1ms / 1sec
Dynamic Mode
Thigh & Tlow0.010~9.999 / 99.99 / 999.9 / 9999ms
Resolution0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1 / 1ms
Accuracy1 μs / 10 μs / 100 μs / 1ms + 50ppm
Slew Rate0.0128~0.800A / μs
Resolution0.0032A / μs
Min. Rise Time25 μs(typical)
Accuracy±( 5% of Setting )±10 μs
Range0 ~ 20A
Conf Key Parameter
LDon VoltageSetting range : 1V - 250.0V / Resolution : 1V
LDoFF VoltageSetting range : 0.000V - 249.0V / Resolution : 0.02V
Average Time0 ~ 64
CV Res. Speed1 ~ 4 (Fastest)
Voltage Read Back
Range (5 Digital)0 ~ 120V
Accuracy± 0.025% of (Reading + Range)
Current Read Back
Range (5 Digital)0 ~ 20A
Accuracy± 0.05% of (Reading + Range)
Power Read Back
Range (5 Digital)5kW
Accuracy4*± 0.06% of (Reading + Range)



Typical Short Resistance75mΩ
Maximum Short Current200A
Load ON Voltage1 ~ 250V
Load OFF Voltage0 ~ 249V
Power Consumption550VA
Dimension(H x W x D)177mm x 440mm x 745mm
Temperature*80 ~ 40°C
Safety & EMCCE

Note *1: The power rating specifications at ambient temperature -25°C
Note *2: The range is automatically or forcing to range II only in CC mode
Note *3: If the operating current is below range 0.1%, the accuracy specification is 0.1% F.S.
Note *4: Power range = Vrange x Irange
Note *5: Turbo mode for up to 1.5x Current rating & Power rating support Surge, Bms, Short / OCP / OPP test function
Note *6: The best accuracy of OCP / OPP test is Istep / Pstep = 1%FS
Note *7: BMS Test function for Battery Management System Board SHORT, OCCP and OCDP Test
Note *8: Operating temperature range is 0~40 °C, All specifications apply for 25 °C±5 °C, Except as noted

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High Power DC Electronic Load (1200V, 200A, 5kW)

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