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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) CV-1240 - Kenwood TMI / Texio (NTSC) Waveform Monitor

Kenwood TMI / Texio  (NTSC)  Waveform Monitor

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

Category : Waveform Monitors / Vector Analyzers

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Quality Discontinued Clearance Product

Kenwood TMI / Texio CV-1240 (NTSC): The CV-1240 is a NTSC waveform monitor developed to allow accurate observations in clear images of the complicated video signal characteristics which are hard to be observed with a general-purpose oscilloscope. Incorporates 150 mm high-intensity CRT to enable the video signal amplitude measurement timing measurement frequency response measurement and waveform monitoring. The line selector function is provided so that VIT and VIR signals can also be measured.

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