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Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI) CV-1250 - Kenwood TMI / Texio (NTSC) Vectorscope

Kenwood TMI / Texio  (NTSC)  Vectorscope

Texio (Formerly Kenwood TMI)

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Category : Waveform Monitors / Vector Analyzers

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Kenwood TMI / Texio CV-1250 (NTSC): The CV-1250 is a NTSC vectorscope which can display the amplitude and phase of the chrominance component of the video (composite video) signal in the form of vectors. An 150 mm high-intensity CRT is used to enable the observation of the hue and saturation of composite video signal based on the NTSC format. The auto-focusing function makes the observa-tions more accurate and smoother. 

Quality Discontinued Clearance Product
  • High-intensity CRT (12 kV)
    An 150 mm, rectangular CRT with internal graticule is driven at an accelerating voltage of 12 kV to allow bright, easy-to-see observations free of parallax.
  • Auto-focusing
    The auto-focusing function allows you to observe complex video signals more accurately and more smoothly.
  • Scale illumination
    The scale illumination is used to facilitate observations under low light conditions. When taking pictures, the illumination allows you to photograph the scale together with the waveforms.
  • Loop-through configuration
    The A input, B input and C input are looped through and each of them can internally be terminated at 75Ω with a rear panel switch. 
  • UNCAL indicator 
    The UNCAL lamp lights up to indicate the uncalibrated condition when the GAIN control is in other position than the calibration position.


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Kenwood TMI / Texio  (NTSC)  Vectorscope

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