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  • GW Instesk Introduces the DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System with up to 5 optional modules to choose from.
  • Introduction-LCR-8200A series: Up to 50MHz Programmable LCR Meter
  • PSW Series product page
  • GW Instek Introduction-PEL-5000G 4~6KW (4U, up to 1200V) DC Load
  • GW Instek Fight Inflation Sale
  • GW Instek Clearance Promotion
  • Introduction-GPP-3650 385W Triple Channel Programmable DC Power Supply
  • GW Instek all new GSM-20H10 Precision DC Source Meter
  • GW Instek new PSW Series 40V Models
  • New generation handheld DMM, the GDM-500 series; In your palm, powerful and beyond
  • Q3 High Power Loads and Sources
  • All new Products from Fluke
  • New GW Instek Tripple-Channel DC Power Supply
  • GW Instek's Safety Tester Promotion
  • Reduced Rental Rates
  • Price Drop on Select GW Instek Oscilloscopes
  • GW Instek New Product Introduction: GDM-906X High Precision Bench DMM
  • Graphtec Dataloggers to Extend Manufacturers Standard Warranty to 3 Years
  • The all new SP300VAC600W & SP300VAC1000W (advanced & professional models)
  • Three Phase AC Source System
  • APM AC Source advanced & professional models
  • New Choice for Power Measurement ~ GW Instek GPM-8213
  • MDO-2000GE & EX Series
  • Discontinued Test Tool Clearance Sale from GW Instek
  • GW Instek 2017 Tripple Product Introduction
  • Affordable Power Supplies starting at $1,348
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Noiseken Discontinues Discharge Gun TS-815S, TC-815S-2K and TC-815S-330
  • Noiseken Demonstrator Units are Available for Clearance
  • APS-7000
  • Product Warranty Registration
  • Time Electronics CalBench
  • GSP-930
  • GW. Instek PEL-2000 Electronic Load
  • AFG-3000 Series
  • Made To Measure
  • Rentals
  • Extech Instruments

Test & Measurement Instrument Products from Tradeport Electronics

Why look anywhere else for top end test & measurement instruments when you can find them all here under our product section. Wether you search for your test equipment or you browse through our countless categories, you will find what you need right here. If you can't find what you are looking for, Tradeport Electronics Sales staff is available to help you out from Monday to Friday at 1-800-379-4620

Featured Test & Measurement Instruments

Tradeport Electronic Features new products every week. Wether your looking for the newest bench power supplies or simply looking for a great multimeter, we showcase great test tools. Click Here to see more featured products. All products purchased from us come with a 1 year traceable calibration (includes a calibration certificate and a calibration sticker).

Promotions and Clearance

Looking to save some money on your next test instrument? Tradeport Electronics posts new promotion and clearance products regularly. Check out the products below. If you would like to view more promotions click here and to view more clearance products, click here.

80V Battery Meter

80V Battery Meter

GW Instek launches a new series of desktop battery tester, the GBM-3000 series, which uses AC 1kHz as the test signal and measures battery's voltage and internal resistance to 300V (GBM-3300) and 80V (GBM-3080). The series features 3.5" TFT LCD, 4-wi...

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Latest Product News

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GW Instek Announces the New PEL-3000AE Programmable D.C. Electronic Load

GW Instek launches new PEL-3000AE series programmable single-channel electronic load. In the serie...

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GW Instesk Introduces the DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System with up to 5 optional modules to choose from.

GW Instek, a professional T&M instrument manufacturer, rolled out the new DAQ-9600 Data Acquis...

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GW Instek Unveils The New LCR-8200A High-Frequency LCR Meter

GW Instek High Frequency LCR Tester ~ The LCR-8200A is an extended series of the existing LCR-8200...

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GW Instek Unveils The New PSW-Multi Channel programmable switching DC power supply

  GW Instek, a professional T&M instrument manufacturer, announced the launch of the new PSW...

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Introduction-PEL-5000G 4~6KW (4U, up to 1200V) DC Load

  GW Instek PEL-5000G series single-channel electronic load provides 150V/ 600V/ 1200V models wi...

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Introduction-GPM-8330 Three Phase Digital Power Meter

GW Instek GPM-8320/8330 are digital power meters designed specifically for measuring power in thre...

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