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Fluke 901-610S - AC/DC Current Probe

AC/DC Current Probe


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Fluke 90i-610S AC/DC Current Probe. Mfg part Fluke 201258. Provides power cord operation and charging for ScopeMeter 190 Series test tool.

Specifications: Fluke 90i-610S AC/DC Current Probe
Mains (Line Voltage): BC190/808 (Universal) switchable 115V± 15 percent or 230V ± 15 percent /808 are equipped with a male receptacle plug that must be connected to a line cord appropriate for local use. (Line cord not included)
Frequency (all versions): 50...60Hz ± 10 percent
Output Voltage: 17.8V DC
Output Power: 15W
Power Consumption: 23.7VA
Max. Voltage to Ground: 600V rms. CAT III per IEC 1010-1

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AC/DC Current Probe

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