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APM AT-T1000 - AT-T1000 Series Inverter Test System

AT-T1000 Series Inverter Test System


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Category : Safety / Testing / Compliance Instr.

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AT-T1000 inverter test system is equiped with optimized standard test items. For photovoltaic inverters, it meets the initial electrical test requirements of EN50530, Sadia Lab, IEEE1547, 1547.1, UL1741, China GB/T 19939, CGC/GF004. Only determine the test conditions and specifications can test with standard items.

The optimized test project covers five kinds of test requirements.

  1. the output performance test verifies the output characteristics of the photovoltaic inverter
  2. the test of the input characteristics checks the electrical parameters of the input
  3. the time and transient test the time and transient parameters in the protection action
  4. the protection test items trigger and test the protection circuit
  5. special test items provide special test methods according to the communication or characteristics of the object to meet the special usage



Research and development, factory inspectino, type test, production commissioning, laboratory electrical test, identification and testing and other fields of grid-connected inverter.


System Principle Diagram


Software Interface Diagram

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AT-T1000 Series Inverter Test System

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