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APM AT-T2000 - Switching Power Supply Test System

Switching Power Supply Test System


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Category : Power Supplies

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AT-T2000 automatic switch power supply test system is suitable for AC/DC or DC/DC power supply, adapter, charger, LED power supply, etc. The system adopts hardware modular embedded framework structure, which can provide a variety of hardware options according to the requirements, to facilitate customer cost control. The system is compatible with various brands/models or programmable AC/DC power supply, DC electronics load, power analyzer, digital oscilloscope, timing/noise analyzer, etc. The system has a test item for the optimization standard of power supply characteristics. Combined with open software architecture, users can edit the test program according to their needs.The system supports multiple objects to be tested at one time, which greatly improves the production and test capacity. Meanwhile, it also cupports the test of multiple groups of output switching power supply products, meeting the test requirements of any form of switching power supply. With powerful functions and simple operation, the system can automatically generate test reports, edit statistical analysis and conduct system management to meet the requirements of modern quality control and production testing. At the same time, it also supports shop floor process control system to realize remote network monitoring, which is the most ideal integrated performance automatic test system for the production line of switching power supply manufacturers.



Various switching power supply, adapter, charger, LED power supply, communication power supply, PC power supply, PCBA and finishied product testing.


Software Architecture and Specifications

Description of Module Functions (as shown in the figure above)

  • Login:
    • Login to the main menu of the software
  • GO/NOGO(test execution):
    • the main test interface
    • test status and results display screen, which can be used for some corresponding operations in the test process and the test information can be set (such as work order which will be reflected in the test report
  • Edit:
    • add and edit the test program
    • users select test items according to the required specifications and enter corresponding parameters
  • H/W(hardware):
    • match test hardware as required
    • set information and save it as a file, then select the corresponding hardware configuration for the required test products in combination with the Edit module
  • Management:
    • software user management (add, edit or delete users)
    • user rights management
    • test procedures management(release, import, export, delete, etc.)
  • About:
    • view information about the software such as version, copyright and more​​
  • Exit:
    • select to exit the test software


Software Interface Diagram

Test Project


Test Categorization Test Project
Input Characteristic Test Standby power (energy star); input voltage test; input RMS current test; input power test; input power factor test; input inrush current test; test for AC noise; input voltage rises/falls slowly
Output Characteristic Test Output DC voltage test; output DC current test output DC power test; voltage ripple test; efficiency testing; output voltage fluctuation test; output current fluctuation test; output voltage ripple; load regulation;
Protection Function Test Overvoltage protection test; short circuit protection test; overpower protection test; overload protection test;
Sequential Testing Starting time; Rise time; drop time; Shutdown time
Communication Test Write/read of basic communications including but not limited to RS232/4S485/USB/LAN/GPIB/CAN
Battery Test Battery charge and dischard time test
Dimming Test Dimming test
Special Function USB D+/D-/DCR test; barcode generation or reading; extended safety electrical comprehensive test
  • Standard test item for switching power product characteristic optimization, easy to learn
  • Single test, lab verification test or QA test; can support multiple tests in parallel
  • Single group output switch power supply product test, meet various power supply test requirements
  • The system interface is humanized, easy to operate and learn, which meets the requirements of production line
  • Open software editing platform for users to write and modify the test program
  • The system architecture is designed to be modular, flexible and easy to maintain and expand 

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Switching Power Supply Test System

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