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GW Instek GDB-03 - Oscilloscope Education And Training Kit

Oscilloscope Education And Training Kit

GW Instek

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The GDB-03 training kit allows you to learn both the basic and the advanced functions of the GDS-3000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO). Following the training procedures of this training kit, you will quickly understand the basic operations of a DSO, and the unique features of the GDS-3000 Series, which represents a typical hi-tech DSO today.

The GDB-03 training kit is a signal generator board capable of producing waveforms, which contain various real-life scenarios you might encounter.

With the GDB-03 training kit and the included curriculums, you are able to acquire adequate knowledge in using a DSO with advanced features.

GW Instek GDB-03 - Oscilloscope Education And Training Kit
  • Application for GDS-3000 /GDS-2000A/MSO-2000A/GDS-2000E demo and oscilloscope training
  • 5Vdc Power Input (Support USB Power, interface Type B)


Power Supply

5V DC, USB or auxiliary power input


Advanced Oscilloscope Training

Lab 19 LIN signal
Lab 18CAN signal
Lab 17SPI signal
Lab 16I2C signal
Lab 15UART signal
Lab 14Split window 2
Lab 13Split window 1
Lab 12Hold off function
Lab 11Pulse width trigger
Lab 10Rise & Fall trigger
Lab 9Video trigger
Lab 8Runt trigger
Lab 7Lissajous waveform & phase measurement
Lab 6 Transient signal measurement
Lab 5Using zoom timebase function
Lab 4Noisy signal measurement
Lab 3 Low speed signal measurement
Lab 2 Using peak detect mode
Lab 1Automatic measurement (gating measurement)


Basic Oscilloscope Training

Lab 9Save data using hardcopy function
Lab 8Automatic range
Lab 7Autoset function (Fit screen, AC priority)
Lab 6VPO (VPO signal, color, gray mode)
Lab 5Automatic measurement (GDB-03 including noise function ; auto measure, cursor getting measure)
Lab 4 Measure the waveform by manual (square wave ; frequency counter, cursor measure)
Lab 3 Adjust waveform scale and position (square wave)
Lab 2Compensate the probe (1kHz square wave)
Lab 1Connect and view a waveform


Signal Output

The GDB-03 provides 9 basic and 19 advanced oscilloscope training signals

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