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Soken DAC-PD-3 - Partial Discharge Measuring Set

Partial Discharge Measuring Set


Category : Partial Discharge Measuring Instruments

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Providing both wideband (10kHz - 4MHz) and narrowband (10kHz - 200kHz), DAC-PD-3 is applicable to partial discharge tests of electric equipment, such as generators, motors, transformers as well as insulating materials and power devices.



  • Electric Equipment: Generators, motors, transformers, cables
  • Electric Parts: Capacitors etc.
  • Insulating materials
  • Power devices
  • High-frequency equipment: compact high-frequency transformers


Front Panel

  • Q-MAX Mode: This mode is suitable for detecting the magnitude at a single maximum partial discharge.
  • COUNT Mode: N-q Characteristic can be obtained by measuring the repetition rate of PD pulses for the Charge of PD pulses.
  • AUTO COUNT mode: In AUTO COUNT MODE, the maximum partial discharge magnitude for the specified repetition rate of partial discharge pulses can be measured. (Partial discharge magnitude is output in Log and V-q Characteristic can be obtained.)
  • Noise Suppressible Function: 
    • Periodicity noises can be masked.
    • Pulse noises can be masked by detecting the noises from CT and aerial wire.
    • Charge pulse can be masked for a given length of time to reflex waves after detection.
  • Phase Gate Setup: Phase Gate can be set 0~359° at every 1° step optionally. 


Function Explanation

  • In Narrow Frequency (NARROW BAND), since PD pulses at 10kHz - 200kHz can be detected and amplified. Narrow Band mode is suitable for specimen constructed distribution contract circuit and can measure generators, motors, transformers, cables, and capacitors.
  • In wideband (WIDEBAND), since PD pulse at 10kHz~4MHz can be detected and amplified, thus is superior for pulse resolution. The wideband mode is suitable for specimen constructed focused constant circuit and can measure power devices, compact high-frequency transformers.
  • N-q characteristic test can be performed with COUNT mode since Pulse Counter is built-in. (N: repetition rate of PD pulse, q: partial discharge magnitude)
  • Possible to analyze “partial discharge-phase” since the phase gate is set optionally.
  • Periodicity noise can be masked. (External control is also possible.)


Connecting Diagrams

(a) Grounded Specimen

(b) Ungrounded Specimen

(c) Ungrounded Specimen(Balanced Circuit)

CA : Specimen
Ck : Coupling Capacitor
Zb : Blocking Coil
Zd : Detecting Impedance
M : Partial Discharge Measuring Set


Characteristic Observed

  • Select bandwidth of frequency
    • Narrow band: 10kHz - 200kHz
    • Wideband: 10kHz - 4MHz
  • Detects only partial discharge pulse by suppressing noises from testing source with a differential measuring circuit.
  • Automatically measures Q-MAX at a specified repetition rate of partial discharge pulses per second (PPS).
  • Possible to analyze “partial discharge – phase” since phase gate is set optionally.
  • Noise suppressor circuit is controlled from outside through GP-IB.



Accessories1) Coaxial cable (BNC:20m x1, 2m x2)
2) AC Cord 1 pc
3) Grounding Cable 2 pcs
4) Storage Bag 1 pc
Size & WeightW430 x H150 x D385 (mm) 11kg
Power SourceAC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Other SpecsPhase Gate 0 - 359°(set every 1°steps optionally)
Analog OutputLinear, DC output by Log, Waveform monitor output
Q-MAX Display1pC - 100000pC
Pulse CounterMax. 99999 counts (Pulse Resolution 10μs)
Frequency Band
Narrow Band10kHz~200kH
Wide Band10kHz~4MHz
Attenuation0.1dB~66.5dB(Input Resistance 50Ω)

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