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Soken DAC-PD-7P - Partial Discharge Tester

Partial Discharge Tester


Category : Partial Discharge Measuring Instruments

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  • IGBT gate drive photocoupler
  • Pulse Transformer


Manual Test

When partial discharges which occurred during the retention period "t1" at test voltage "U1" exceed set-up values of both electric charge and generating frequency, "FAIL" is determined. When the charges are within the values, "PASS" is determined.

  • U1: Test Voltage 0 - 5000VAC
  • t0: Test Power OFF time 0.5 sec or more
  • t1: Holding Time 1 sec or more (Partial Discharge Testing Period)
  • tr, tf: Voltage Rising time・falling time 0.1 sec


Automated Test

Any of one to five measuring points can be set up.  The below is an example when setting 2 measuring points.

Setting item (per each measuring point) Setting range
Voltage V[V] 0 - 5000V
Holding Time t[s] 0 – 60sec
Electric charge for judgment Q[pC] 1 - 1000[pC]

U1: Voltage at Measuring point 1
t1: Holding time at measuring point 1
tr, tf: Rising time, falling time (Less than 0.1s / 1kV/s)

  • Partial discharge tester with built-in power supply, test voltage Max 5kV.
  • Applicable to EN60747-5-5:2007 (VDE routine test).
  • Operation in very short tact time (Min 4 sec.) is possible.
  • Suitable for a production line test. (External control and PASS/FAIL judgment are available.)



Size427mm×380mm×197mm (W×D×H, without projection)
Output Contact (PASS/FAIL Judgment, during voltage output - Each Dry Contact)
SHORTable to measure
OPENdisable to measure
START/ END contact
SHORTturn on measurement
OPENturn off measurements
Input ContactMeasurement START/END
Output Voltage
Test Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Calibration Value100pC / 1000pC
PASS/FAIL JudgmentNegative judgment is given when generating frequency at judgment electric charge exceeds a threshold value.
Generation Frequency ThresholdSynchronize with test frequency
Judgment Electric ChargeElectric charge to be judged
Setting VoltageVoltage to be applied when measure ON
Test VoltageExisting applied voltage
Measuring DataPulse counter (at Threshold value of electric charge)
JudgmentNegative judgment is given when a pulse count for 1 second exceeds a threshold value


Partial Discharge Measurement Part

Built-in Coupling Capacitor1000pF
Calibration Pulse Generation Frequency50PPS
Calibration Pulse Voltage2V, 20V
Calibration Pulse Injection Capacitor50pF
Calibrator Charge100pC, 1000pC
Judgment Generation Frequency10~9000PPS
Judgment Electric charge1~1000pC (with restriction by detection sensitivity)
Gain0 - 80dB


Power Unit

Voltage Setting Accuracy1%F.S.
Voltage Setting Range0 - 5000VAC
Maximum Capacitance Load1000pF
Wave ShapeSine wave
Frequency50Hz, 60Hz
Voltage Rising Time<0.1s
Voltage Holding Time (Measuring Time)>1s
The shortest testing cycle 4s
Output Voltage0 - 5000VAC, 30VA
Input Voltage100VAC±10% 50/60Hz

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