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Soken DAC-IR-3 - Iron Loss Tester

Iron Loss Tester


Category : AC Magnetic characteristics measuring instrument

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DAC-IR-3 is a simplified measuring instrument to give judgment on the grade of a steel sheet. Iron losses in w/kg or w/lb are measured promptly just by probing a sample sheet.


Test Specimen

  • Electromagnetic Steel Sheet (Non-Oriented and Grain-Oriented Core)



A built-in U-shaped yoke in the measuring probe is provided with an exciting and detecting coil. After proving on the specimen, the exciting coil makes a magnetic path through both of the yoke and specimen. As a magnetic sectional area in the yoke is very larger than the sectional area in the specimen, and the core loss of the yoke is almost negligible to the one of specimen. Thus, only the core loss of the specimen is obtained by the detecting coil. Moreover, the detecting coil is wounded at the bottom of the yoke so that magnetic fluxes leak at the minimum.


  • DAC-IR-3 can measure Core Loss in W/kg or W/lb with a single sheet sample.
  • Simply by inputting the thickness of a sheet sample and selecting flux density from 1T, 1.5T, 1.7T, a value of flux density of the sample is automatically adjusted and direct reading of Core Loss is possible.
  • The instrument can be controlled by PC through RS232C Interface.
  • The measured result can be printed with an optional thermal printer.



AC Main Cord (with earth lead and 3P inlet) 1 pc
Probe Cord1 pc
Standard and Small Probe1 pc each
Standard Core (S&G) for Calibration 1 pc each
Main Units1 unit



Option AccessoryThermal Printer Model BL2-58SNWJC-SK W93×D125×H70(mm) Approx. 265g
Size and WeightW189 x H103 x D287 mm, approx. 5.0kg
AC SourceAC100V - AC240V
Frequency50Hz / 60 Hz (Synchronized to power supply frequency)
Accuracy±5% (Compared with the measured value of JIS and ASTM Epstein Fram Test)
Flux Density1T, 1.5T, 1.7T (selectable)
Measuring Range0.10 - 19.99 W/kg 0.045 - 9.000 W/lb
Thickness of Steel Sheet0.05 - 0.90 mm
SpecimenElectromagnetic Steel Sheet (Non-oriented and Grain-Oriented Core)

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