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Sencore CP5000 - ColorPro All Display Color Analyzer

   ColorPro All Display Color Analyzer


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Sencore CP5000: Align All LCD, CRT, DLP and Plasma Video Displays to Match Industry specifications and to Deliver Peak Performance with the CP5000 All-Display ColorPro Color Analysis System.

  • Align color tracking on any video display to give you the confidence that the display is aligned to perform its best and to industry specifications
  • Continuously updated readings let you calibrate video displays with flexibility not found with the ‘single-shot’ reading capabilities of a spectroradiometer
  • The easy-to-use graphical interface greatly decreases calibration time with easy to follow measurement screens. The CIE and RGB screens make calibration simple by illustrating exactly which colors need adjusting
  • Portable operation makes it easy to align displays wherever displays are found
  • Portable operation makes it easy to align displays wherever displays are found
  • The measurement specifications are similar to those found on lab-grade instruments and are NIST traceable. Patented light-pipe system provides a narrow light acceptance angle for accurate measurement of LCD displays
  • Custom software lets you store calibration information and print it out in an easy to interpret report
  • Optional Software DLL package lets you integrate the CP5000 All-Display ColorPro into your specific color analyzer application
  • Attractive, durable carrying case protects your CP5000 between calibration jobs
  • Available in either USB or standard serial version. CP5000 ‘ColorPro’ All-Display Color Analysis System LCD Displays The CP5000 is available in USB or Serial Version

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