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New DC Loads from APM Technologies


New DC Loads from APM Technologies

This series high power density programmable DC electronic load provides three voltage ranges 200V/600V/1200V. Supports CV, CC, CR and CP these 4 basic operating modes, as well as CV+CC, CV+CR, CR+CC these 3 complex operating modes. Full protection includings OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm. Support external control and monitor mode, the 0 to 10V input or output signal represent 0 to full range voltage or current. Provide OCP test, OPP test and Short circuit simulation to effectively solve the application demands for power and automated testing. Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interfaces, LAN&GPIB communication card is optional. Two or more loads can be connected in master-slave parallel mode to provide more power or current capacity. This series DC load can be applied to battery discharge, DC charging station and power electronics and other electronics products.

Input Model Size
Voltage Current Power Advanced Professional
200V 370A 3400W 3U
480A 4400W 3U
610A 5600W 3U
720A 6600W 4U
960A 8800W 7U
1200A 11000W 7U
1440A 13200W 7U
1680A 15400W 10U
1920A 17600W 10U
2160A 19800W 10U
2400A 22000W 13U
2640A 24200W 13U
2880A 26400W 13U
600V 250A 3400W 3U
320A 4400W 3U
410A 5600W 3U
480A 6600W 4U
640A 8800W 7U
800A 11000W 7U
960A 13200W 7U
1120A 15400W 10U
1280A 17600W 10U
1440A 19800W 10U
1600A 22000W 13U
1760A 24200W 13U
1920A 26400W 13U
1200V 130A 3400W 3U
160A 4400W 3U
210A 5600W 3U
240A 6600W 4U
320A 8800W 7U
400A 11000W 7U
480A 13200W 7U
560A 15400W 10U
640A 17600W 10U
720A 19800W 10U
800A 22000W 13U
880A 24200W 13U
960A 26400W 13U
Input Model
Voltage Current Power
200V 370A 3400W
480A 4400W
610A 5600W
720A 6600W
960A 8800W
1200A 11000W
1440A 13200W
1680A 15400W
1920A 17600W
2160A 19800W
2400A 22000W
2640A 24200W
2880A 26400W
600V 250A 3400W
320A 4400W
410A 5600W
480A 6600W
640A 8800W
800A 11000W
960A 13200W
1120A 15400W
1280A 17600W
1440A 19800W
1600A 22000W
1760A 24200W
1920A 26400W
1200V 130A 3400W
160A 4400W
210A 5600W
240A 6600W
320A 8800W
400A 11000W
480A 13200W
560A 15400W
640A 17600W
720A 19800W
800A 22000W
880A 24200W
960A 26400W