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Programmable DC Power System


Programmable DC Power System

APM provides stable DC output. Built-in voltage and current measurement function could provide wider range voltage and current combination. Single unit could cover range from 12KW to 40KW. Power rang could reach to 2000A and voltage range could reach to 1200V. 

DC source system can fulfill different kinds of DC power applications. Users can set the output voltage, current arbitrarily. Measure all kinds of features and display on VFD. At the meanwhile, power source provide multi standard interface, simplify and accelerate test development. 


Output Model Size
Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Power
32V 600A 12kW 6U
1200A 24kW 12U
2000A 40kW 20U
40V 360A 12kW 6U
720A 24kW 12U
1200A 40kW 20U
75V 180A 12kW 6U
360A 24kW 12U
600A 40kW 20U
96V 200A 12kW 6U
120V 120A 12kW 6U
240A 24kW 12U
400A 40kW 20U
150V 90A 12kW 6U
180A 24kW 12U
300A 40kW 20U
192V 200A 24kW 12U
200V 72A 12kW 6U
144A 24kW 12U
240A 40kW 20U
225V 60A 12kW 6U
240V 120A 24kW 12U
320V 200A 40kW 20U
360V 40A 12kW 6U
400V 120A 40kW 20U
450V 30A 12kW 6U
60A 24kW 12U
600V 30A 12kW 6U
60A 24kW 12U
100A 40kW 20U
720V 40A 24kW 12U
750V 60A 40kW 20U
800V 22.5A 12kW 6U
45A 24kW 12U
75A 40kW 20U
900V 30A 24kW 12U
1200V 24A 24kW 12U
40A 40kW 20U
Output Model
Rated Voltage Rated Current Rated Power
32V 600A 12kW
1200A 24kW
2000A 40kW
40V 360A 12kW
720A 24kW
1200A 40kW
75V 180A 12kW
360A 24kW
600A 40kW
96V 200A 12kW
120V 120A 12kW
240A 24kW
400A 40kW
150V 90A 12kW
180A 24kW
300A 40kW
192V 200A 24kW
200V 72A 12kW
144A 24kW
240A 40kW
225V 60A 12kW
240V 120A 24kW
320V 200A 40kW
360V 40A 12kW
400V 120A 40kW
450V 30A 12kW
60A 24kW
600V 30A 12kW
60A 24kW
100A 40kW
720V 40A 24kW
750V 60A 40kW
800V 22.5A 12kW
45A 24kW
75A 40kW
900V 30A 24kW
1200V 24A 24kW
40A 40kW
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